HIGHLAND Residential Roofing

Highland Roofing is a full service residential and commercial roofing company that services all of North Carolina. We do whole roofs and repairs. We are widely held as one of the best roofing problem solvers in the Eastern United States.

Not Ready For A New Roof?

Take advantage of our roof $295 tune-up. Services include:

1. Seal up to 2 leaks
2. Replace up to 30 missing shingle tabs
3. Seal chimney flashing
4. Repair nail pops through shingles
5. Secure loose flashing
6. Seal vents where needed

7. Repair leaky skylights
8. Remove debris from roof
9. Seal stack flashing
10. Re-nail loose gutter spikes
11. Seal leaky valleys
12. Paint ugly stacks and vents


Highland Roofing is the only roofing company confident enough in our
workmanship to offer you a 10 year fully-transferable warranty on
the entire roofing job, aside from the manufacturers warranty.  We can also offer 50 year warranty because we are certified with several manufacturers.